About Us

Welcome to BURGA, where we celebrate the effortlessly stylish and confident souls who know how to make a statement. Our journey began in 2016 when two best friends in Lithuania joined forces to create a brand that caters to your inner fashionista without compromising on functionality. Our eye-catching phone cases quickly gained popularity, not just locally but globally, too, as they provided both protection and a stylish flair.

This success inspired us to re-imagine other boring everyday products into stunning fashion accessories, such as iPad and MacBook cases, AirPods cases, trendy drinkware, Apple Watch bands, screen protectors, and even notebooks. Of course, we couldn't resist pushing the envelope even further. In 2023, we took a bold leap into the high-fashion scene with the introduction of BURGA Eyewear.

Our debut collection showcases 11 iconic designs, each infused with a touch of tomorrow's essence that's unmistakably BURGA. So, whether you're already part of our fabulous community or just starting to explore our world, get ready to elevate your daily style and leave a lasting impression. Because, darling, life's too short not to be absolutely fabulous.
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