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We know what you’re thinking.

“How can I possibly pick just ONE case?”

It’s like choosing only one sundress for Summer or one pair of cute rain boots for Fall. Madness!

So we’ll cut you a deal.

We’re giving away 2 FREE phone cases with every 2 you purchase + FREE shipping on orders over €50.

We know, right?! That’s 4 cases for the price of 2.

How does it work? Super simple. Drop 4 of your favorite phone cases in the bag and – voilà! – 2 of them are FREE. If the total runs over €50, shipping is also FREE.

Want more than 4 phone cases? Just add 6 and pay for 3. Add 8 – pay for 4. Add 10… you get it.

Psst… Just remember, the offer is only valid for phone cases.

NOW GO, GO, GO till stock lasts. Shop now >>

Free shipping
from €50
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12 month warranty
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